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Aventura International is Committed to delivering good quality seeds and pulses.

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Trusted Nutrition and healthy

Aventura International is India's Startup for products that are made from traditional techniques, skills, and hand-based processes.

At the heart of Aventura International is our commitment to be a living embodiment of love and consciousness in action. We work with thousands of small family farmers in India to cultivate tens of thousands of acres of sustainable Nutrition and healthy farmland.

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Why Choose Us.

Most of our resources are utilized in various levels of quality control measures, from the farm

Our planet to live in synergy with our surroundings. We take a very important step in protecting our soils.

We deliver seeds & pulses worldwide with full safety and security measurement.

Nutrition and healthy farms are generally more profitable and environmentally friendly, as it uses fewer chemicals and the residue is comparatively less chemical-intensive.

// Why Nutrition and healthy

Org-Farming Benefits.

Reduces Harmful Chemicals

In order to maximize the crop output from a finite piece of land, farmers tend to rely heavily on pesticides.

Consumes Less Energy

Nutrition and healthy farming does not rely on the use of synthetic fertilizers as opposed to conventional techniques that are generous with these external chemicals.

Healthy Soil Formation

Nutrition and healthy farming is all about natural cultivation practices, which are fairly superior to chemical soil management in terms of the ultimate impact on soil.


Effects of Global Warming

Nutrition and healthy farming as a sustainable practice also contributes toward curtailing the phenomenon of global warming.

Controls Water Pollution

Nutrition and healthy farming helps in keeping our water supplies unpolluted and clean by stopping polluted chemical and pesticides runoff.

Encourages Biodiversity

Encouraging Nutrition and healthy farming, natural plants, insects, birds, and animals will survive and be abundant in the natural environment there by maintaining he ecological balance.

// Testimonials

Clients Feedbacks.


Product quality is really amazing and my mom liked this initially i purchase wheat flour from 24mantra later by seeing quality we tried some more products from 24 mantra its really good quality as well as Nutrition and healthy.


House wife

Very Pleased with the great services and quality Nutrition and healthy product of this company and seller. Well we recommend this to everyone and will buy again when stock finishes.


House Wife

The packaging clearly showed the contents and expiry etc so that was a big plus. The matar was clean and free from any worms. It cooked quite fast and was good in taste and soft in texture. This was good value for money.

Sinply Pretty

House wife
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Ramnagar colony,NDA Rd, Bavdhan,Pune 411021,India

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Nutrition and healthy Products

Provide Purely Nutrition and healthy Products for all over the world.


Handmade Process

All products taken care with qualified farmers.


Quality Measurement

Our farming experts measure the quality of seeds & pulses before packaging.


Safe delivery

Our team committed to delivering good quality seeds & pulses.