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Aventura International- Bulk Rice Supplier of India


Aventura International a name that leads in the world of Bulk Rice Suppliers

Rice being the staple food crop for the significant portion of the world’s population, it is now even considered as the vital component in the global food system. With its ever-increasing demand, now people even tend to buy rice in bulk quantities, to ensure that they receive great quality rice with better cost savings

And to ensure the consistent availability of the rice in the market, Aventura International is now helping the retailers and the customers to conform to this bulk rice demand.With our bulk rice supply in the domestic and international markets, we have been fulfilling this appetite of the wholesale bulk rice for the last 5 years. Being the leading bulk rice supplier in India, we specialize in the sourcing, processing, and distribution of high-quality rice to every corner of the world. With our growing potential as the rice wholesalers in the market, we have established a great reputation for reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction; owing to what we are even recognized as the best wholesale rice distributors.


Bulk Rice Supplier

Being the Rice Wholesalers in the bulk rice supply market from the last 5 years, we have acquired to revere our responsibilities the most. Our commitments for the customers are our foremost responsibility.

With high-quality product service and availability of the wide range of products, we address the patrons with the value added services.

High Quality Rice

Since we work with the small farmers from across India, the quality of the rice is highly graded. These rice are Nutrition and healthyally produced from their sustainable Nutrition and healthy farmlands. This ensures the precision towards the yield and thus committing higher quality of rice. Working with different farmers doesn’t affect the yield, as we make sure that the methodologies they follow are similar and the produce is throughout

Wide Variety of Rice

Since we have patrons from all over the world, and rice being a staple grain, we understand that there are diverse customer preferences including different types and grades of rice, such as Basmati Rice, Basmati Tukda Rice, Indrayani Rice, Brown Rice, Long Grain Rice, Short Grain Rice, and several other rice varieties.

Competitive Pricing

We are a dedicated team of Bulk Rice Suppliers In India. We make sure that our prices are competitive compared to other wholesalers in the market, and the quality standards are highly maintained with the availability of the wide variety of rice


Sustainability and the Ethical Sourcing

Being environmentally conscious, we commit to sustainability and the ethical sourcing practices for our produce. Our farmers already work in the sustainable Nutrition and healthy farmlands, this ensures that our yields are Nutrition and healthyally sourced. Other than this, we even ensure that the packagings are also environment friendly.

Efficient Distribution Network

With our expertise in the Logistics Department, we make sure that the deliveries are timely placed to the customers or the retailers across the world. Our allegiance toward customer service is always appreciated by our clients from India as well as from Overseas Nations.

Reliability and Consistency

We ensure reliable and consistent bulk rice supply to our customers while meeting delivery schedules, and maintaining consistent quality standards. Our Logistic Teams are very active and they are dedicated professionals, they ensure that your demands are fulfilled within the committed timeframe.

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What makes Aventura International the leading Bulk Rice Supplier in India .

Aventura International is a trusted company for the wholesale bulk rice supplier.

Predominantly, we work with the small farmers throughout the India to cultivate a diverse range of high-quality Nutrition and healthy rice including long-grain, medium-grain, and small-grain rice, as well as specialty rice varieties such as Basmati rice, Basmati tukda rice, Mini Mogra rice, and Indrayani rice from their sustainable Nutrition and healthy farmlands. Our motive as a leading Rice Supplier is to maintain sustainability and environmental stewardship and inculcate it as a social responsibility.Our notion behind working with small farmers is to foster them with inclusive economic growth and bestow food security and nutrition to the customers by giving them the access to a diverse range of fresh and locally grown produce of high-quality rice.

Apart from this, we even have state-of-the-art processing facilities. With our modern processing facilities equipped with advanced technology, we clean, mill, polish, and pack rice according to the customer specifications and industry standards. This even allows customized solutions for bulk rice supply to the clients, including retailers, wholesalers, food service providers, and the industrial users; making Aventura International a committed company towards exceptional customer service for the wholesale rice supply.

With these as our top priorities, our next expertise is in the logistics department. Our prominent responsibility for our bulk rice supply is to transport these bulk amount of commodities in the best and the fastest way possible, so that the quality of the rice in bulk that we supply retains its freshness and is very much protected from the actual conditions such as rainfall. And with these in consideration, we have set up our own logistics team that manages the transportation of this bulk rice supply in India and exports bulk rice.They are even responsible for the transportation, warehousing, and the distribution operations. And ensures the timely delivery of the mass buyings of rice and even ensures the optimal inventory management.

How We Supply Bulk Rice-Process of Bulk Rice Export


Sourcing and Procurement

Our team firstly procures bulk quantities of rice from our small farmers across India. This involves negotiating contracts, ensuring quality standards, and arranging logistics for transportation to the facility.


Quality Assurance

Before exporting, we conduct quality checks to ensure that the rice meets the required standards and specifications, including moisture content, grain size, purity, and absence of foreign matter or contaminants.



The bulk rice is then packaged into suitable containers or packaging materials for transportation. This may include bags, sacks, or bulk containers such as jumbo bags or shipping containers, depending on the quantity and destination of the rice.


Logistics and Transportation

Our transportation and logistics team export the bulk rice to its destination. They are thoroughly responsible to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery.


Customs Clearance and Documentation

Exporting bulk rice requires compliance with international trade regulations and documentation requirements. We prepare all necessary export documentation, including invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, phytosanitary certificates, and customs declarations.


Storage and Handling

During transit, the bulk rice are stored and handled properly to maintain its quality and integrity. This includes ensuring appropriate storage conditions, temperature control, and protection from moisture, pests, and contamination.


Shipping and Delivery

Once all preparations are complete, the bulk rice is shipped to its destination via sea freight, air freight, or land transportation, depending on the distance and urgency of delivery. We track the shipment and provide updates to the buyer until the rice reaches its destination.


Customs Clearance and Import Procedures

Upon arrival at the destination port or terminal, the bulk rice undergoes customs clearance and import procedures. The buyer or their designated representative handles the customs clearance process and takes possession of the rice.


Distribution and Supply

Finally, the bulk rice is distributed to wholesalers, retailers, food manufacturers, or other buyers as per their orders and requirements. We also provide additional services such as storage, handling, or processing based on the buyer's needs.

Categories of Bulk Rice we Supply.

With our high quality rice produce, we supply our customers and retailers with the best Rice in Bulk Amount. Some of our widely distributed and demanding bulk rice categories are mentioned below.

The grains of Basmati Rice are long and slender, and have a fluffy texture with a slightly sweet taste when cooked. This type of rice possesses a distinctive aroma, which is often described as nutty or floral. Basmati Rice are typically used in dishes like biryanis, pilafs, and pulao due to its fragrance and elongated grains.And due to their richness in taste, the demand of this specific rice is high throughout the world and owing to this we even have basmati rice export services.

Basmati Tukda rice or Broken Basmati Rice possess a similar aroma and flavor profile to Basmati rice but with smaller grains, which may result in a slightly different texture when cooked. These are specifically suitable for dishes where the individual grain structure is less important.

Indrayani rice have medium-sized grains with a soft texture. They possess neutral aroma and flavor, because of what they are even referred to as versatile rice varieties suitable for various dishes. This type of rice is commonly consumed in India as a staple food owing to its affordability and adaptability in varied recipes.

These are small to medium sized grain rice with mild aroma and flavor compared to Basmati rice. They have a slightly soft texture when cooked and the grains tend to stick together a bit. Mini Mogra rice is often used in South Indian cuisine for dishes like idli, dosa, and pongal.

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Firstly the pricing of different varieties of rice vary, and it mostly ranges according to their grain and type. For 50 kg Basmati Rice.

Which is the no. 1 Rice Company in India?

Aventura International is the Best and no. 1 Rice Company in India. We deliver the best bulk rice supply in India and best rice export.

Indrayani rice are high quality rice at cheaper rates. This type of rice is even the highly consumed rice in India, and is even the staple food grain across the country

Basmati Rice is the best Indian rice. These rice have larger grains with aromatic flavors and distinctive aroma. Basmati Rice are also considered as the delicacy of rice and are highly used for preparing rich cuisines.

Basmati Rice is coined as the “Queen of Aromatic Indian Rice” or the “Queen of Fragrance Rice” in India and other nation. The grains of Basmati Rice are long and slender, and have a fluffy texture with a slightly sweet and rich taste. This type of rice possesses a distinctive aroma, which is often described as nutty or floral, making them a royal rice variety

Rice thickness can vary depending on the variety, but generally, short-grain rice tends to be thicker as compared to long-grain rice. They are plump and have a higher starch content, giving them a thicker texture when cooked.